This is a home of GameSpector for Android


GS Patch format description

You may need to turn on "Allow installation of apps from unknown sources" under security settings to install GameSpector

Do not modify GameSpector APK package to avoid blacklisting


Modified Baksmali disassembler
(adds -h [hex dump] and -n [rename methods] flags and fixes multiple baksmali bugs)

Modified Reflexil
(.NET Reflector plugin, displays file offsets and raw IL code)

GameSpector live usage stats


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***Gamespector requires a ROOTED DEVICE ***

If your device is not rooted, or you are not sure, or you don't know what "rooted" means -- DO NOT INSTALL this application, it won't work.

DO NOT MODIFY THIS APPLICATION AND DO NOT SHARE YOUR BACKUPS. ** Your device will get blacklisted on the server and you will not be able to download patches or any other data. You have been warned. **

GameSpector is the ultimate application manipulation and system exploration tool, game cheat engine, SQLite database editor, privacy scanner, ad blocker and String/URL editor tool. GameSpector includes:

*** READ THIS ***

GameSpector is not a piracy or hacking application, it is a tool. GameSpector does not contain any viruses or spyware. In fact, patches shared through GameSpector are lightly moderated to ensure that malicious, piracy, or otherwise questionable scripts/patches are not distributed. GameSpector does not make any system changes. Still, keep in mind that, as a powerful tool, GameSpector can be used for malicious purposes (one can stab people with a kitchen knife, but most of us do not do it). Patches you download through GameSpector are reviewed and should be safe. DO NOT MANUALLY INSTALL PATCHES YOU GET ELSEWHERE UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY DO. If you are an app developer and you discover a patch that alters your application -- please contact us. We can revoke objectionable/malicious patches (you will need to explain how a specific patch affects you).


Gamespector is a free application, but some advanced functionality and premium patches require a license. Many months and hundreds of development hours were invested in making GameSpector and your becoming a licensed user will help further improve the application and cover hosting fees. Your support is much appreciated! To purchase a new license or recover a license you previously purchased, use "Get License" menu uption in the application.

Blacklisting FAQ

If you download a hacked or unlicensed copy of GameSpector, you will eventually find yourself blacklisted. Once blacklisted, you will not be able to download patches, signatures, or other updates. Blacklisting is managed automatically and in many cases it is permanent. You can buy GameSpector license to clear your blacklist status.

Google is an evil, data-hungry monster that feeds on YOUR information

Because GameSpector is capable of removing ads, analytics, and other crap from Android applications that Google monetizes, Google evicted GameSpector from the play store. This page is the only legitimate place to download GameSpector.


GameSpector comes with absolutely no warranty. By using GameSpector you agree that you use it at your own risk. GameSpector developers disclaim all responsibilities, You agree that GameSpector developers will not be liable for your use or misuse of the application or any and all direct or indirect damage caused by it.